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De Micheli Strip

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Striscia De Micheli GB_nuova_Page_2
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Luraghi Strip

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Striscia Luraghi GB_nuova_Page_2
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Riccobene Strip

Striscia Riccobene GB_nuova_Page_1
Striscia Riccobene GB_nuova_Page_2
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Online Poems

Welcome to the blog of Online Poems edited by Oretta Dalle Ore. Oretta, who has written poetry for the last half century, has had an Internet presence since 1996, and is a publisher since 2003. Oretta has given readings of her poems with great success in Sweden, Iran and Germany.

You can contact Oretta at

Oretta publishes a blog in Italian and an older blog in Italian.

Enjoy the poems!

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